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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you got me on the digital hangout. this is the real deal. sandra: you were fabulous. harris: we'll make it real and not fake coming upon line,"outnumbered" fnc and, "happening now" right now. to it take out the internet. and moving on to drive isis out of mosul. iraq's second largest city.
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it is the largest military offensive on the ground. >> and a dramatic rescue as regular folks join hands with police officers to pull this driver to it safety. it's all "happening now". but we begin with a countdown to the final show down to hillary clinton and donald trump. i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. and the bright lights of las vegas will play host to the presidential debate. a brand new monmouth poll shows hillary clinton leading trump over 12 points nationally. that is four points higher than last month. earlier we talked to joe trippi
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and karl rove about what donald trump needs to accomplish in the final debate. >> he has a uphill climb. this race has a lot of twists and turns and has more left in it. >> unless he uses the debate to get people to take another look at him and reopen people's eyes and i don't think there is any chance. >> joining us now is bret baier. you are already out in vegas, raring to go. >> raring to go. the countdown is on for the big debate. it is going to be big. it is the final time these two will be on stage together and really the dynamic could not be more tense as you get to the countdown of the election. and new cnn polls that don't match the monmouth polls, but ohio and north carolina and here
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in nevada. and trump is leading in ohio and right there tied in nevada and in north carolina. you are looking there at nevada. and it is interesting, in this poll, it is within the margin of error here and he's out performing where people thought he would be with hispanics in nevada and looking in ohio, up four. that is not tracking with the monmouth poll that has her up 12. i think the polls are interesting to look at. >> we are looking at north carolina. it is essentially a tie. and nevada as you pointed out was a tie and trump is up in ohio. so that poll that we referenced earlier that showed hillary clinton at 50 percent and trump at 38 percent. that is a series of state by state elections and the national
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number doesn't matter if you win the electoral college. trump is a long way from winning the electoral college. but the polls make it look like he's within striking distance still. >> he has to run the table of swing states. she has the easier path to 270. he has to win all of those. you know, the fact that there is a difference between the national poll and state polls suggest that there is variance here. and we are going to it have one of our pollsters on special report to dig in to the numbers tonight and talk about everyone's questions about how we go about this and try to get a sense of a snapshot three weeks from election day. >> what about the presence of the third party candidates. do they hurt hillary clinton
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more than trump. but in utah. mullin is polling 20 percent in utah? >> yes, one poll had him up to 22. and the average has him 17. but he's playing a factor in the state of utah and he could win utah if you think about it. there is evidence that he is doing well in ida ho. and johnson and stein and mcmullen will take numbers from either one of the candidates and that affects winning one state. and if you add up all of the electoral votes, every state matters if it is close. if it is not close, you have the separation. >> trump has certainly been subjected to an avalanche of negative news conference. but i want to ask you about the latest wiki leak information dumps including what catherine
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herridge reported on what seems to be a suggestion from one of hillary clinton's underlings when she was at the state department that plo month si mons might be available to fbi. >> patrick kennedy. undersecretary of state. just a few moments ago, the house over sight government reform committee chairman jason cha ffetz said under secretary kerry, should be taken out of his and not continue to serve at the state department or retain access to classified information because of the allegations. it is not just their characterization of quid pro quo, but the fbi who uses that word in these documents that he felt that kennedy was trying to give him this other offer to change the classification on the e-mail. the reason for that, is largely they knew they were classified
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e-mails on hillary clinton's server when she said they weren't. >> no one in the state department or clinton camp is denying the voracity of the e-mails? >> they are saying it was a classification question and not tied to quid pro quo. that's not what the fbi agent says in the document and now congress is saying under secretary kennedy should step down or be forced out. >> we'll look for you on a neon edition of special report. bret baier, thank you. >> first time of a fox news journalist will debate the presidential debate. the final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton set for wednesday, 9:00 p.m. live from the campus of the university of las vegas. >> wiki leaks alleges that
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a unnamed state actor cut off julian asange said it will not stop him from releasing more embarrassing e-mails. >> you are right. and it appears on twitter that wiki leak system back up and running and sends out messages. there were reports overnight suggesting that the site was shut down. wiki leaks saying they will not be cowed and they will continue to leak information out. think about this most unlikely of clashes. hill him as you hear bret baier lay out in a strong position in the presidential battle and maybe one of the last people standing in her way is julian a ssage. >> and that is leaked out from john podesta. her wall street speech
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transcripts leaking out over the weekend among the e-mail and included in podesta's e-mail and look at back and forth that clinton's own people had. john podesta saying about the whole e-mail scandal. people hate her arrogant. like her down. i see now down side. and look, saying i am sorry, it will take so much air out of this. think about it. it was in august 2015. and people in the clinton camp and outside. finally deal with this. and that was well over a year ago and this story continues and it gives you an idea of so many revelations from the leak and either one of them debilitating to the clinton campaign in a normal year. and a lot of these revelations
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are piling one on the top of the other and simply not broken through, jenna. >> we'll see if this one does. >> investigation in the fire bombing of a republican party office in north carolina. someone filled a bottle full of flammable liquid over the weekend. johnathon? >> reporter: hi, jon. local and federal authorities are trying to determine who was responsible for the attack. workers say they received no threats other than the verbal insults that you expect in any campaign. but saturday night or early sunday morning, someone threw an object with a combustible window and that set fire to which of the republican office in north carolina. no one was there at the time. workers say it is common for people to be in the office at
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odd hour and it is very fortunate no one was injured. >> you can see i have taken a nap on the sofa. and then get up and work several more hours. >> reporter: the presidential candidates. donald trump, animals represented demand hillary clinton fire bombs our office in orange county because we are winning. hillary clinton tweets the attack on the nocg.o.p. office is unacceptable and grateful everyone is safe. there is a group of democrats that are putting a go fund me site to it raise 13000. jon. >> thank you, johnathon.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> we are just two days away from the next chapter of the presidential debate in las vegas moderated by p fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. hillary clinton still has the edge in the latest polls but leads donald trump by less than three points. nevada has pick ped the winner in every presidential election except one. joining me is meg an. great to it have you on the program. >> thank you. >> we talked to larry and he
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feels in nevada there is a significant portion of hispanic voters that it are underrepresented in the polling. based on your reporting what you are hearing from the people on the streets, what does the race look like in the state of nevada? >> polling in nevada are difficult. and they have a diverse population and makes polling difficult to do here. it is entirely possible that the hispanic population is underrepresented in the polls. they may turn out to vote against trump concerned about his rhetoric. and it is hard to tell how accurate the polls are. they show hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck as of late. >> is that what you you hear and see on a regular basis? >> there is a lot of undecided
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voters and certainly a lot of people who are firmly for hillary clinton or firmly for donald trump. but you are surprised about the undecided voters. maybe not because they don't have an opinion on hillary clinton or donald trump but concerned about both candidates and don't know who they should vote for, whether they should stay home from the polls or vote for gary johnson. go to it any hillary clinton event and donald trump event, and you will see throngs of ferhaven't supporters. there is a lot of passion on both sides. >> it is interesting to hear that there are undecided voters. i want to ask you about the senate races. harry reid is retiring and our viewers will not see and hear from harry reid in the way we normally do. what does that senate upon race
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look like? who are the main players and what does it look like maybe not polling, but going to the sense on the street who has the upper hand which party? >> again in the senate race, it is close and down to the wire. it is between the democrat cathrick who is the former attorney gentleman and the congressman representing the third district. cnn poll this morning. showed them up seven points among likely voters. again on the ground, a lot of people like joe hack and he won his direct who went for obama in 2008 and it is evenly split between the democratic and republican voters. joe heck is a well liked guy here. >> i am just curious.
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you talk about the down ball -- ballot a lot. does the presidential politics have an impact? would you be surprised to not see is split votes. one party gets the president and one party for the senate. >> i would not be surprised to see split ballot voters. i thought cortez- trump voters. but the big thing to be seen is how joe heck walking back his support of donald trump and what impact that has on trump support isser and who they decide not to vote or if that brings in moderate and traditional republican voters for heck. one poll showed 34 percent of the likely voters that heck was drawing his support would make
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them less likingly to vote for heck. and another showed 14 percent less likely. it is interesting to see saying he can't support donald trump after the recent comments he made. we don't know how that is going to it play out yet. that could be a deciding factor in the race. and thank you for your insight. >> thank you so much. >> a military operation underway to retake mosul from the terrorist in isis. and why the stakes are so high for the last major strong hold in iraq. >> talking about team work. how strangers teamed in to rescue can a man from a burning suv.
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>> dramatic video shows bystanders performing a human chain to it rescue a driver from a burning car, watch. the driver's suv had plunged into a ditch along a florida highway. police got him out of the car but struggled to get him up the steep slope. rescued helped to pull him up the hill. they were able to get him up before the suv went up flames. >> they are moving in on mosul. and the second largest city has been under control for two years giving them plenty of time to dig in. right now isis run media claims
10:25 am
that they are fighting back with a group of suicide attacks. we'll talk to general jack keene. how important is mosul? >> obviously the second largest city in iraq. a major sunni city itself. it is of huge consequence. and probably the most diverse city that is in. and they have they are not an iraq if we don't take mosul. >> why now. why are are we just going in. and largely rebuilding the iraqi army is the central problem. we saw the embarrassing and
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shocking assault. they had no traineded in three years in any meaningful training and army that is poorly led and trained will act that way. we did not give the iraqi army resources that are necessary to have done this sooner, jenna. we made 11 incremental changes in terms of advisors and starting with 300 and now about 5000. if we provide what was needed in the beginning, we could have been here sooner. but the good news, is that we are finally here. >> we are seeing video from the area and they are seeing red, white and blaing flags and also red, white and green. that is the kurdish forces that we are talking about. and front line documentary did an interesting piece about mosul and spoke to a member about what
10:27 am
it would be to go to mosul and this is what a fighter said. [talking foreign language] >> it's really up to the americans, we're not going into it alone. general, what precisely is our role. >> essentially he is correct. the iraqi army is not strong enough as a ground force to retake mosul. they are are a third of the force. and they will use the mobilization and hold in the
10:28 am
south and the sunni travel force. that represents the army in a sense that is going after mosul. the role that the americans play is key. we are enabler are and helped to put the plan together and in iraq, we have one of our most capable commanders in lieutenant general townsend and he is the on seen commanders. they have had a major role to play in the plan. and helping them execute the battle as advisors on the ground and there is is danger involved in that because we'll be close to the fight and facilitate the airert power and once we fix isis and put accurate fire on them and absolutely necessary for precision fire to avoid civilian casulties. and so the role the united states is playing is significant.
10:29 am
and we have an impact on the morale of the force. we are there with them to a certain degree not like it was in the surge to be sure. we are on the ground with them and come up with a decent plan. >> i wanted our viewers to hear your analysis. that often comes up in debate and there are 6000 troops on the ground right now. and in the meantime, there is a lot going on in libya. and luca is s townsend is writing a column on this. and going after isis has doubled since the end of september. it is more intense than the pentagon portrayed it to be. what is going on there? why is that crucial to watch? >> this is isis establishing a sanctuary. and syria has been the important sanctuary.
10:30 am
and if anything we have learned from 9/11 and all from what isis did in syria is this. we can't let the radical isis establish a sanctuary. if they do the number of people is increased. we left that sanctuary in afghanistan, that the al-qaeda had after they bombed both of our embassies in africa and attacked the uss cole. the result of 9/11. we left it in syria. and to the present and all of these years, isis expanded in 30 countries. we are going after this safrpthuary to destroy it before it really has te knackles in place and i commend them for doing it as aggressively as we are now and it is essential.
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>> one question for secretary clinton as she nears the end. election process. and general keene thank you. >> this is a unique dilemma. should they go to red states, or shore up her game where she is leading three weeks before election day.
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>> heading to the state of the florida. florida gop leaders are predicting a big victory for donald trump even though hillary clinton is lead nothing polling. shadow voters, people who are not registering in the polls. adam is in tampa to explain more,>> reporter: right. people who are not registered the last time around and in the recent cycle. they are missed by the pollsters according to the republicans, but they are driven by wiki leak and hillary clinton e-mails and campaign e-mails that make disparageing with the catholic and needy latinos. we spoke to tony ledbetter and this is one of the reason that this state is going to vote trump. >> our numbers are going up and
10:36 am
our theirs are going down. people who haven't registered or voteded since reagan and they want to know where do i register to vote. and republicans and democrats are counting on florida to help their candidate to win. it is a strong turn out. and donald trump won 66- 67 counties in here and we spoke to joe grierd who is the campaign chair of the gochlt he said he's optimistic. take a listen. >> donald trump is winning the race and going to win florida in the primary and i don't expect a clean sweep in the general but win big here in florida. >> reporter: one thing that republicans like to point out.
10:37 am
nine democrat counties are now majority of republican voters. >> shadow vote for donald trump and clinton campaign on offense and a big push to it put new states in play. bernie sanders and first lady obama will campaign in arizona and seven other state and new support for down ballot races. what to make of the new techniques. corey elanis a advisor to president obama. and griffin is a advisor to republican campaign. and corey, is it wise for hillary clinton to spend resources in places like georgia, arizona and maybe even utah? >> if she has the resources to do so and hold her foot to the
10:38 am
pedal in key battleground states, absolutely. we saw this strategy in 2008. obama picked up virginia and indiana and north carolina. they trended to republicans. and the reason she can do this. you have seen a dramatic shift in demographics with trump. hillary clinton leads him by p 15 point and we know that trump is hurting with fund-raising. that is territory that she and capture. and the reason that the other things are in play is the way he run the campaign and the conversation we are having about him and how he treats women in the past two weeks. that is space she can take over. >> but patrick, they are tied in
10:39 am
north carolina and tied in nevada, and he is ahead of her by 4 or 5 points in ohio. it would seem that there are other states where her campaign might be wanting to focus the resources. >> yeah, i think, jon, corey and i agree on the fact that the clinton campaign has a lot of money and resource and can spread it in other places. the trump campaign pulled out of virginia where she is up by double-digits. that points out in the previous segment that the race is close. clinton has used everything but garlic and silver bullets on trump. you couldn't have had a worse information flow that donald trump. much is self inflicted. i agree with that. but here is the problem, no way it seems to be sure that you are
10:40 am
spreading the resources out. in key states like ohio, pennsylvania and florida, trump is in the margin of error which i find incredible. i am out here defending trump and that proves one thing. as bad as trump has been, and terribly offensive as his comments to women and others as corey points out. the fact of the matter, hillary clinton is a terrible alternative. and every time voters think it is i had it with trump and go to her. i am not sure. hillary clinton might think long and hard. the dance ain't over yet. >> what about the notion that there is a hiden reservoir of support and they are voting for trump and not saying it publicly. >> that is a theory that is offered and that is the bucket of last hope donald trump has. and he and his supporters will
10:41 am
go to that bucket. but right now it is not seen in the polls. we thought it would come out in 2008. we were concerned about people who support senator mccain. they didn't want to so many like they were racist. and i don't necessarily buy the bucket of dark shadowed voters. all we can go on is what we see in the polls. trump is hemorageing support. and clinton leads him by six points. and the trend is moving in her direction and away from donald trump. >> very quickly, would you assume the election is in the bag for hillary clinton. >> in a election that changes by the hour. i think the clintons are
10:42 am
assuming things. you should assume nothing. pap trick and corey, good to it have you on, thanks. >> thank you. good advice. the federal reserve is releasing new numbers on manufacturing. u.s. factories boosted production 2- 10ths of a percent after dropping in august. >> somebody is buying new cars, julian aszange making had his presence felt in the election.
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test. test. test.
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>> retired general james cart wright charged with making false statements to federal agents. the general set to make his first appearance in federal court. and they made false statements investigating the unauthorized disclosure of information for
10:46 am
a book written by the new york times reporter david sang isser. >> turning to a big story. wiki leaks keeps releasing e-mails that rattle the clinton campaign. julian assanges was cut off according to wiki leaks. this comes as they released the purported e-mails from john podesta. quatar offered to do night 1 million to the clinton foundation and podesta said it would be better if the san bernardino had a more american name. we will ask you legal questions. what is noticeable about the san bernardino terrorist attack. >> it is embarrassing to john podesta. immediately after this isis attack that was tragic, here he
10:47 am
is lamenting the fact that the shoot are's name was an obvious arab name. in other words, he would have preferred it be a generic white name and the spokeswoman said yeah, dam. it is insensitive to begin with. but beyond that, it shows that the clinton campaign cared less about the victims of the tragic shooting and more about the political impact on hillary clinton. >> i want to point it out to viewers. you say allegedly if they are are true. john podestan is not verifying everyone of them. >> they are not actively denying they are authentic. >> but note the word. talking to you about the donation in the clinton campaign that we mention. donating to the campaign has rules. the laws are noticeably broken
10:48 am
in the e-mail. >> probably not. it is illegal for a foreign government to make a donation to an american campaign. however it is not against the law for a american lobbyist who is a registered foreign agent for a foreign government to make a donation. vladimar putin could funnel money to an american agent who makes the donation. and in these e-mails, you can see hillary clinton's top aides were anxious to get money from foreign agents. jennifer palmery said take the money. she's the campaign spokeswoman. they did 700000. and then the campaign manager said with his response. i am okay with the money and dealing with the attack and they didn't tell hillary clinton about it. >> but nothing particularly
10:49 am
illegal to happen about it. >> this is why the loop holes should be closed. you don't want an american agent to be a conduit for a foreign government that is buying the american election. >> what about the clinton foundation? and money going to the clinton foundation? >> e-mails show that the foundation staffers realized and were worried about the foreign governments expecting something in return for the millions of dollars they are donating to the hillary clinton foundation. is there quid pro quo concrete evidence, no. but circumstantial evidence. and they are worried that it would be scandalous for hillary clinton. >> apparently they were right. great to see you, jon? >> touch screen voting machines are common. but can the machines change votes?
10:50 am
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>> hello, everyone. i'm live in las velg as. we are awaiting a briefing where there is information on a new fbi official tried to influence the bureau on the hillary clinton e-mails. we will take you there live. can you believe at least 1.5 million people people already voted in this election. becan't tell you how they wroted but we can tell you how it is
10:54 am
leaning. we will have all of that coming up on america's election headquarte headquarters, live from las vegas. >> talking about the touch-screen polling. some can flip votes registering the wrong candidate. officials are denying it is a wide-spread problem. >> what happens if you vote for donald trump and hillary clinton's name is checked or you vote for mrs. clinton and jill stein's name pops up. when jim ran for illinois state representative, he tried to vote for himself. but when he did, he says he got a big surprise. >> i went and touched the box next to my name. and the check mark magically appeared at my opponent's name. so i was scratching my head and i thought, what did i do wrong.
10:55 am
>> moynihan was voting on a touch-screen machine similar to this one and was shocked to see his choice was switched. >> oh, my gosh. i was dumb founded. >> for years, other voters across the country have claimed touch screens flipped their votes too. in 2010, both democrats and republicans said it happened in north carolina and other states. same thing in 2012 when we reported from ohio. >> imagine voting for your presidential candidate on one of these touch-screen machines. you push his name but the x goes to the other guy. >> in other words, keep pressing or let somebody know. >> jim says that's exactly what he did, six or seven times. >> i kept pushing in different areas to try to find out how the heck am i going to get that check mark in my box. >> can a touch screen switch a vote? >> people say that they can. i've never seen it do it and i work with them all the time. >> the county clerk in warren county new jersey where touch
10:56 am
screens have been used for a decade, she knows of no case where a vote was switched and says poll workers can be alerted if there is a problem. >> a paper receipt is spat out showing voter selections before confirming your vote. >> you don't know what is happening but if you can see that paper you know, okay, this is what is being recorded. >> both she and jim saying, double-check. >> stay there, make sure that vote registers for who you want it to register for. >> look at the paper trail that comes down and make sure that's who you wanted to vote for. if it is, cast your ballot. >> jim in the cook county clerk's office, the machine add calibration error. that's the reason why someone's choice on the screen could be changed. they say they took the machine out of the service and tested it. they say no vote was wrongly registered. turns out he could have used more votes because he lost the race. john? >> interesting.
10:57 am
thanks. and we're back in a moment.
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11:00 am
thank you so much for joining us, everybody. >> america's election headquarters, starts now. >> thank you, john and jenna. we start with this fox news alert p a state department briefing that is quite tense is under way right now. there are new concerns about potential quid pro quo between hillary clinton's state department and the fbi that is being discussed in this room. catherine herridge is in the room and we will bring that to you live. martha, in las vegas. 22 days from eet location. the fbi today releasing documents this morning. from the clinton e-mail investigation. those documents show that a senior state department official, the classification on one of hillary clinton's e-mails stripped, confidential taken off of it,


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